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At Runners Paradise, we’re all about incredible wildlife, world-leading sport and giving back to the community through our partner Kabete Cares. All with the friendliest team in Kenya (well, our reviews certainly think so). All our tours are fully customisable, so you can have a once in lifetime experience every time you’re here.

Experience East Africa.

Have our experts plan your private, tailor-made and secure safari of more than 10 inspiring East African destinations.

Educational Safari Packages.

With our Educational Safari Packages, students have an incredible opportunity to equip themselves with valuable knowledge and strengthen personal skills. Besides obtaining educational knowledge through traveling, students also have chances to meet new friends, exchange culture with local people, and explore their fascinating ways of life. School trips are amazing occasions for students to actively participate in various interactive activities and sightseeing field trips, company visits, and do some community helps.

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Flight Booking.

We offer stress-free booking services with no delayed or cancelled trips.



You Will for get how much luggage you brought due to how effect our team will handle and manage your property. 


We have a wide car fleet to meet all number of visiting individuals or groups with professional drivers and also self drive options.



We offer all-inclusive hotel bookings and reservation services for the optimal experience.

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Runners Paradise Safaris

 Our Team is made up of professionals, vibrant and experienced employees who are willing to go beyond boundaries to craft for you an unforgettable safari in Kenya and  greater East African region.

Adventure And Sports Enhanced Experience Safari

Our treks in east Africa are great holidays and not too strenuous, from climbs on Mount Kenya to custom made walks in the Rift Valley and the Aberdares.

African Baseball & Wildlife Safari Trip

Luxury is….epic wildlife and East Africa has exceptional wildlife and sightings of the Big Five always a thrill.

Wildlife, Cultural And Beach Packages.

Uncover our hand-picked selection of top wildlife and cultural experiences in East Africa on your private tour.

Our Safari Packages.

Our Safari packages are crafted to full immerse you in an unforgettable safari holiday from the tallest mountains in East Africa to the white sandy beaches of our coastal lines.

KENYA - Safari Packages.

TANZANIA - Safari Packages.

EAST AFRICA - Safari Packages.

Safari Destinations

We have a well crafted catalogue of package you can choose from or call one of our many travelling professionals to customize a magical safari for you and your companion.


Visit the birthplace of the ‘safari’ and experience the magic in style and elegance.


Follow the world’s greatest migration from the Serengeti across to the Masai mara and back again.

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Our Travel Packages are 100% Customizable

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